Why Cloud Computing

With Cloud Computing you get full shell access to your virtual instance and the whole cloud it self. Manage your day to day application as you normally would on any other dedicated server. With Cloud Computing, each virtual instance runs and acts on its own. Each instance with in the cloud is not affect by one anothers shell environment, thus making your application environment secure and safe. This also allows for you create your applications with no restrictions and grant/deny privileges to users.

Cloud Computing eliminates hardware problems altogher, leaving you with a hassel free hardware error enviornment! When your cloud is setup on two or more physical servers (called an array), our cloud software will utilize all phyiscal servers with in that array and share them among the entire cloud. If for what ever reason, a piece of hardware fails (hard drive or RAM) the other servers in the array will pick up the slack. Our cloud software will evenly share the resources you provide for each virtual instance and restore any instances that are not online. In most cases, you will never notice that your application stop responding.

Never lose data again! With our cloud software, all data on the cloud and each virtual instance is automatically mirrored across the physical servers with in the array. If a virutal instance fails for what ever reason, our cloud software will automatically restart that instance and data that has been mirroed across the cloud. Your application will be online with out any data loss what so ever. Additional our cloud software provides you with snapshots (backups) of each vritual instance and all data on that instance. You may roll back a virtual instance to hours, days and weeks ago. You may even run that snapshot as a new application, keeping the current application unaffected.

Adding more resources like CPU, RAM and Hard drive space could not have gotten easier! With cloud computing from SolidNetDC, scaling your cloud from one physical server to hundrends (or more!) is a quick breez that takes mintues. Traditional scaling your application would require deploying a new server, installing an operating system, tweeking the system and some code modification. This would take days to setup. However, with cloud computing, all that needs to be done is to add a physical server to the array and your done. Our cloud software will detect the new physical server (node) with in the array and automatically adjust each application and the entire cloud with more resources. This involves no code modification for your application and offers your application true scalability.

Enjoy 1Gbps at your fingers tips! With cloud computing, backend traffic between each physical server (node) is at 1Gbps, unmetered. We will not mointor or bill, for any traffic that you use between your nodes. The free 1Gbps will enable you to transfer data using the backend private IP between each virutal instance. Transfer as little or as much as you like. We also offer 100Mbps and even 1Gbps for the public network, letting you enjoy the freedom of developing your application with the resources you require.