Popular Applications already running on Cloud Computing

You are able to run any version of Linux on the cloud! Popular distros include CentOS, Ubuntu, Fedora Core, Gentoo, OpenSolaris and Redhat Enterprise Server - all 32bit or 64bit distros. These are the most popular and tested distros that SolidNetDC supports for working on the cloud. Other untested distros like FreeBSD may be installed on the cloud. All tested and support distros do function as expected with all core features working. Microsoft's Windows Server 2003 - Standard/Enterprise/DataCenter/Web edition - 32bit operating system are currently being tested and available for beta use.

With SolidNetDC's Cloud Computing software, you can install any sort of software including popular control panels! You can install the basic LAMP server which includes Apache, PHP, MySQL as well as FTP, Mail, DNS and custom firewalls with out any issue. SolidNetDC's Cloud Computing software enables you to virtually install any application that you would normally on a dedicated server. Popular tested control panels that do work with SolidNetDC's cloud software are cPanel/WHM with Fantastico + RVSkins, DirectAdmin, Ensim and Plesk are just a few. These control panels act as they normally would with all the same features on SolidNetDC's Cloud Computing servers, as they would on a dedicated server.

SolidNetDC has already pre-compiled and packaged popular software, operating systems and control panels for customers to use - for free! Software already packaged includes: single LAMP server, single LAMP Cluster, Scalable LAMP Cluster, SugarCRM with Operating System, TWiki with Operating System, cPanel/WHM with Fantastico with Operating System and cPanel/WHM with Fantastico + RVSkins with Operating System. These pre-compiled packages can be easily installed and setup with in minutes with basic configuration required (IP, Subnet, Users).