Low Cost, Private Virutal Machines

A virutal machine is perfect for projects and business applications on a fixed budget. They give you all the benefits of a dedicated server at a lower cost. Each virutal machine is private to you. No one will have access to the virutal machine besides you.

Each virutal machine is backed by VMware vCenter and ESX cluster. We do not overload our hypervisor and leave plenty room for customer growth. We offer 1Gbps and 10Gbps network connection and RAID-10 storage. Each virutal machin lets you pick a wide number of settings such as how many IPv4 address. You can start of with free, 2 IPv4 addresses and grow up to 128 IPv4 addresses. Each virutal machine comes with root access and remote console access (by request).

Each virtual machine by default is unmanaged. By offering unmanaged servers we pass on the savings to you. Our unmanaged servers are perfect for those who know how to run and manage a server on a daily basis. Unmanaged servers are backed up with free hardware replacement and network support. We will help resolve any hardware or and networking issues on your server for free.

SolidNetDC also offers managed servers for an additional fee. Our managed service includes hardware and network support as well as, OS and some 3rd party applications. Our managed service also includes support for control panels we offer and any problems or issues that may arise with them. Our managed service is an extra fee and not included for free on our servers unless stated otherwise.

To find the total of how much each virutal machine is going to cost with add-ons (More RAM, Hard Drive Space, Bandwidth...), click on the Customize/Buy link and use the online calculator, to show the total. Once you're done you can click away from that page and come back to this page.

CPU: 2 Cores Intel Xeon E5-2620v3
Primary Hard Drive: 80GiB RAID 10
Bandwidth: 10TiB (terabyte)
IPv4 Addresses: 2 IPv4 Free
IPv6 Addresses: /64 Free

Monthly: $120.00 | Setup Fee: $0.00

Can't find what your looking for? No problem, email our sales department with your budget and what you are looking for in a server and we will not only give you discounts on our websites servers, but custom built servers straight from our datacenter!