Server Management

SolidNetDC offers your linux based server a fully managed solution and a proactive solution. Our system administrators are highly capable of performing tasks on your linux based servers which includes installing LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) with any popular MTA software (Mail Transfer Agent) to securing your linux based servers by restricting/limiting SSH access to whitelisted IPs, ports, listening IP and general security settings. In addition our system administrators can upgrade your kernel and other important services to insure your server is up to date on the latest and most stable applications.

Our staff also has experience in configuring high availability clusters and fail over systems for your company. From creating redundant DNS and Mail servers to creating multiple web servers located in different datacenters around the world for a true 100% uptime.

Plan Comparison Fully Managed Proactive Solution
  Support Hours 24/7 24/7
  Resolution Period Guaranteed: 17 Hours or less Guaranteed: 17 Hours or less
 Extra Options Fully Managed Proactive Solution
  Auto-Reboot Notifier $5/server
  Monitoring Stats $5/server
  Server Migration $75/migration *FREE for a limited time*
 Features Fully Managed Proactive Solution
  Kernel Upgrades Performed Automatically
  Initial Server Security Performed Automatically
  Continuous Log Monitoring Monitored Automatically
  Standard 3rd Party Support
  LAMP Install
  Control Panel Support cPanel/WHM / Plesk / None cPanel/WHM / Plesk / None
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 Pricing Options Fully Managed Proactive Solution
 Monthly (1 Month) $40.00 $90.00
 Quarterly (3 Months) $120.00 $270.00
 Semi-Annual (6 Months) $240.00 $540.00
 Annual (12 Months) $480.00 $1,080.00
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Need a custom management solution? Contact our sales department with your needs and we will try to accommodate your request. Discounts for multiple servers are available!