About SolidNetDC

SolidNetDC was founded under SolidNetwork in 2004. SolidNetwork is a company based out of Los Angeles, CA, USA providing computer services to local business and schools in Los Angeles. Shortly after SolidNetwork opened, they brought their company to the web under EastSolid. With the company growing every day some of their clients asked for their own websites. Within 4 months of opening, SolidNetwork has grown to over 135 clients and now are planning on starting a web hosting company. SolidNetwork has grown from a small sole proprietorship company to a global company. With clients all over the world like, USA, UK, Mexico and Australia.

Now in the year 2023 SolidNetwork has been open for 19 years, hosting thoundsands of websites and providing computer and network solutions to small business all over the world, with the affordability, scalability and true, 24/7 support.


Self Managed Servers:
We handle the day-to-day technical management of your hardware, while you retain control of your daily business applications and soft-maintenance. (Unless you purchase the fully managemed option).

Superior Network:
From the start, our network has been developed with leading technology utilizing a superior network. Features include:
  • 3.84 Tbps of switching and routing capacity designed for the needs of enterprise and carrier-class customers
  • Multiple Gigabit Ethernet backbone trunks
  • Core network is designed for "zero" packet loss
  • Embedded sFlow port supports scalable hardware-based traffic monitoring across all switch ports without impacting performance
  • Multi-Homed Internet Providers

72 Hour Deployment for Custom Systems:
More than 90% of all installations are in place within 3 days. Some customizations may take longer due to specialized circumstances surrounding the customization or deployment.

No Contract:
You only make a 30 day commitment. You can stop using a server at the end of any month.

High Quality Hardware:
Powerful AMD and Intel processors drive all of our dedicated server products.